Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Language Lexicon

Sometimes Nathan, who claims to not be good with words, goes and surprises me with his clever language. Recently it went something like this:

"Hey babe, you should come arrange the covers the way you want them before I go to bed."

He thinks I won't see through this to his real meaning, which is,

"Hey babe, come arrange the covers for me so I can go to bed."

By using the phrase, "the way you want them," he implies that he's doing me a favor by allowing me to have the covers the way I want them. He is offering me the chance to prepare them myself, which naturally I must really want to do. He attempts to subliminally convince me that it's my personal preference that likes the sheets and covers straightened before bed, whereas many, many people actually prefer the sheets bunched at the foot of the bed beneath the quilt - which should probably be upside-down and sideways.

Pretty good, right?

I imagine that I am guilty of using clever language like this sometimes, too.

If Nathan had a blog, he'd tell you all about it.

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