Monday, January 10, 2011

Resolution Results

Back when 2010 rolled over to 2011, I looked up an old note on my iPhone containing last year's new year's resolutions.

I was pleased to see that I actually made one of them happen - I started a graduate degree. The keeping of this resolution in turn seemed to directly affect how I did with the rest of the resolutions:

"Watch less TV" - That sort of happened as a result of starting said graduate program.

"Keep the bedroom clean" - Appears to be virtually impossible due to the combination of my graduate program and work consuming my time. [Also, the husband, much as I love him, is a bit of a slob.]

"Do some cooking together with Nathan" - Sadly, I don't think we've done this at all - he is in graduate school, too. [Not to mention we enjoy very few of the same foods, what with him being the pickiest eater in the world and all.]

"More practicing" - Yes, definitely, as a result of being in school again. [Although I need to be doing much more.]

"More reading, sewing, organizing, beautifying, and cleaning" - Unfortunately not much, due to life being so busy.

"Read the Bible through" - Started with the best of intentions but petered out before even finishing the Pentateuch. [Disappointed with myself on this one, for sure.]

"Be a better wife" - I suppose only Nathan can really speak to this one.

I took "Start a graduate program" off the iPhone list and re-saved the rest of it -- I think I can keep working on the rest of those resolutions for another year. [Or maybe the rest of my life.]

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