Monday, January 17, 2011

Second Semester

School starts again this Wednesday.

It was so nice having a break.

To think that I used to think teaching and gigging made me busy! Now, having time off from school and "just" teaching and gigging feels like a vacation, a walk in the park, a relaxing holiday.

In the next four weeks, I have exactly five evenings free where I can be at home. I'm sure in the following months it only gets worse, but I don't know - I can't bring myself to flip any further in my day planner. It's too overwhelming. And my Saturdays? I teach from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Sundays? Church in the mornings, and usually various concerts in the afternoons and/or rehearsals in the evenings.

As for school, I'm changing violin teachers this semester, and I think it's going to be an improvement. I'm excited about that.

My school orchestra is playing Beethoven 7. I'm excited about that, too.

But the semester hasn't even started and I already have an exam tomorrow. I am NOT excited about that.

[I haven't studied for it. Way to start the new year off brilliantly, Sarah Marie.]

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