Friday, June 30, 2006

Out With the Old

Well, it's official. I handed in a letter of resignation. I have quit my horrible wretched awful job, and accepted a new job that was offered to me yesterday. I will be working as a proofreader at a company about 30 minutes away from here. I will be making almost 2.5x what I have been making so far this summer. I am pretty happy.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

That's Worth Stalling For

One of my little piano students, Annalise, loves to stall for time. The usual lead-in to an attempted stall goes something like this: "Um, ok, but first can I ask you a question?" This afternoon I didn't mind her stalling so much.

"Um, can I ask you a question?"
"Are you still in college?"
"Well, I was in college, but I just graduated."
"Oh, so are you going to another school now?"
"No, I'm all done with school for now."
"Oh. How old are you?"
"I'm 23."
"So, you're an adult?"
"Yes, I sure am."
"Wow, my piano teacher is an adult... but a FUN adult!"

Monday, June 26, 2006

There and Back Again

FavoriteBoy and I flew out to Pennsylvania this past Thursday, and returned Saturday evening -- in his beautiful new Honda! His family found the car for him at a wonderful price, and then we went out together to pick it up. He is so excited to have his own car... manual transmission, leather seats, sun roof, and more! He's begun to teach me to drive a stick, as well -- I drove 2.5 hours of the trip back.

While in PA, we began to work out a few valuable wedding details -- basically just enough to make me realize how overwhelming it is going to be to plan a wedding several states away from where Nathan and I both live! And my family is all the way in California! I keep asking Nathan if he'd rather elope, because well, I think I would! But his church is beautiful and I think we will be able to pull off a lovely wedding. His family has offered to help a lot, which is wonderful.

On the drive back, after many hours on the interstate, we took a scenic route for a while, which was really nice. I love how bright green the trees are at this time of year. Periodically we'd pass a pretty house, and either FavoriteBoy or I would exclaim, "There's our house!" And FavoriteBoy would promise to buy it for me. :) We're going to be so happy -- cute house or small apartment or whatever may come our way in life.

After we got back, we took Nate and Kate out to dinner at Salem Beer Works for Nate's birthday. Then we watched Fever Pitch, in honor of the fact that Kate was taking Nate to a Sox game the following day! Which was unfortunately rained out, so they are going today instead. Kate got a cute Sox hat, and now I think I need some Sox paraphernalia.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sarah Marie: Lowly Sidekick

Today I had a strange experience at work.

Each day I sit at the front desk for 30 minutes while Meghan takes her lunch break. Today, as I sat at the desk minding my own business, a wiry-haired, creepy-looking fellow approached me and began to engage me in conversation, despite my best efforts to the contrary.

"Hi there. You caught many prospective students today?"
"Um, no. I've only been sitting here for five minutes."
"Oh, well, hmm, what's your name?"
"I'm ____, from the Biology department."
"Uh. Nice to meet you."
"You a Gordon student?"
"Well, I just graduated."
"Ohhhh. Ahhh. You working in Admissions now?"
"No. Just for the summer. Actually, just until I find something else."
"What was your major?"
"Music performance."
"Mmm, hmm, mmmhmm. What do you play?"
"You any good?"
"Uh. Depends on your standard of comparison, I suppose."
"Well, compared to other Gordon students, then."
"Yah, I guess so."
"You gonna get a job in music?"
"Well, I'd like to. A degree in music doesn't exactly lead straight to a high-paying job, though. We'll see what works out."
"Hmm, well, I do a fair bit of music myself."
"Oh. That's nice."
"Mm hmm, yes, yes, it is. I sing in the ___ ___ ___ Men's Choir." (The most horrible choir imaginable, to whose singing I am occasionally subjected because the director attends my church.)
"Oh. Hmm. That's good. Maybe you know my fiance, Nathan ____. He accompanies the choir when they sing at our church."
"Oh wow, hmm, wow, yes, he is quite remarkable. He is amazing. He just blows me right away with his talent. What a talent. What a guy. Yeah, yeah, he'll have a career in music, you watch and see. What a talent. I see what you mean about standard of comparison -- I'm sure you're not as good as he is."
"Um, right. Well, he is very wonderful."
"Wow, yes, he's just incredible. To watch that fellow play is something else. And to see his mind work. He just improvises some things, adds things here and there, what a talent. What a musician."
"Yes, he's terrific."
"So, you're with him? Are you gonna marry him?"
*holds up left hand* "Think so."
"Oh, ah, I see. Well, lucky you. What a talent. You'll be his helper. That's just great."

Here we have it, ladies and gentlemen. A perfect stranger (albeit one with no social skills whatsoever) has confirmed my long-standing knowledge of my utter inferiority to FavoriteBoy, my worthlessness as a musician, and ultimately, the fact that I am just a lowly sidekick -- a supporting role in the drama that is the life of FavoriteBoy.

You know, I'm happy and proud of him being so amazing. I'm just not always sure how I feel about others treating me as his stage-hand.

This reminds me of the time when I went to speak with our esteemed chair of the music department about grad school options. I asked him if he was familiar with any good programs, how many Gordon grads went on to grad school in music, and how people handled financial aid, stipends, etc. with living expenses. His response was, "Oh, hey, go to the University of Michigan. Yes, that's the place for you. They have a terrific piano and organ department, and Nathan would do so well there."

How awkward. You'd think people could at least pretend not to notice how drastically inferior I am.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Some Good Preachin'

Sunday's sermon was amazing. I will post a link to the audio file once it is available. It was so good.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

One Month of Misery

I began my summer job on the 13th of May, and it is now the 13th of June. Thus is seems an appropriate day to announce that I hate hate hate my job.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Happy Sappy Sarah Marie

Wow, where to begin?

Thank you for all the congratulations and well-wishes, everyone. How lovely to have so many comments!

So yes, I am engaged to be married to my best friend in all the world, and I'm trying very hard not to melt into a puddle of cliches and sappiness. All the things I swore I would never be I suddenly find that it's difficult not to be! Although I must say I've done quite well at being calm and low-key about the whole thing. We haven't even told most people; we've just waited to see if people notice this beautiful new piece of jewelry adorning my left hand. Which brings me to one of the cliches, you see... I can't stop looking at my hand. While I'm typing at work, I find that the ring distracts me. While I'm reading, I put the book down to gaze at my finger. Am I pathetic, or what? But it's just so pretty. By the way, in the picture I posted it looks sort of yellow-ish gold-ish, so just to clarify, it's actually platinum, and quite perfect and beautiful. FavoriteBoy picked it out himself, and yes, the proposal was a surprise -- although now I know that he had asked my father back in April when my family was out here for my senior recital!

In other news, not nearly so earth-shattering, I turned 23 years old on the 10th. I feel rather old -- I've realized that 21 was the last "young" milestone, in which a person is looking forward to some newfound freedom or other. After that, all the milestones are the "look-how-old-you're-getting" sort, which will be rather odd. But I realized that I am 23 now, and I will be married while I am 23, which makes it all feel very soon!

FavoriteBoy and I went out to Southern California for a few days, in which we attended his grandfather's memorial service, I met a million of his extended relatives, and he met my sister. I have some nice pictures. For tonight, I will post just one. More will follow later.

A funny-looking baby (NOT my adorable nephew!), of whom FavoriteBoy took a covert picture just so we could giggle over it: