Thursday, April 3, 2014

36 weeks

From the beginning of this week:

I feel like I've doubled in size in the past week or two, and it's hard to believe this baby will keep gaining about a half a pound a week until she decides to make her grand appearance.  I just keep reminding myself to try not to waddle when I walk!

This big-sister-to-be happens to also be my favorite hair dresser of late.  The results may be questionable, but the enthusiasm and kisses that accompany each hair "appointment" are incomparable.

Dear little one, 
Last week you heard lots of music, and spent lots of time driving back and forth to Plymouth with me for rehearsals and a concert.  I could feel you wriggling around lots during the music -- you especially seemed to like Bernstein and Copland! 
You're 'due' to arrive within a month, so I guess I'd better start packing my bags already!  Packing things for myself seems a little tedious, but I'm excited to drag our bin of newborn clothes up from the basement, wash everything freshly, and choose what things to pack for YOU.

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