Wednesday, April 30, 2014

the new arrival

We have a new arrival!

No, it's not the {overdue} baby yet.

It's still pretty exciting, though.

Remember this post, which featured photographic evidence of our decrepit, rusted dishwasher?  Well, as you can see, the old thing was in pretty bad shape.  She came with the house when we bought it, already rusted and broken, and things only got progressively worse over the years we've lived here.  It barely felt worth it to run a load of dishes, since we could only fit four or five plates in there on the bottom and a few glasses safely on the top rack.

Well, a week or two ago Nell and I were doing yard work in the front yard when our new neighbor from down the street came by and mentioned they were replacing all their appliances and would sell them at a good price if we were looking for anything.

Naturally, I asked, "Is there by any chance a dishwasher?"

Yes, there was!  A white one, being replaced by a stainless one.  White sounded good to me, as long as there wasn't rust involved.

Nathan went to check it out, and bought it with cash on the spot, at half of what it would have cost us to order racks to replace the ones in the dishwasher we had.  It's not the newest dishwasher, but it's in great condition and we're irrationally excited about it.

I mean, look how many dishes you can fit in there!  And you don't even have to lift and finagle and tug and yank at the racks to get them to slide out nicely!

A kitchen miracle, I say.

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  1. Looks nice! Must feel good to go from a barely functional dishwasher to one in good tip top shape--I love that feeling :)