Thursday, April 24, 2014

39 weeks

Well, Grace from Camp Patton (a really fun blog if you don't already read) had her baby, due a little later than mine as I recall, and now I am just plain jealous.  I'm tired of being pregnant, but also, I want to hold this little baby already!  I want newborn snuggles in my life again!

Easter Sunday marked 39 weeks, and obviously Nathan's prayers were answered and he made it through Holy Week without any complicating factors like oh, labor and a new baby happening.

Now that Easter is behind us, and I'm practically on maternity leave from teaching (just teaching a few individually arranged violin lessons here and there), I'm taking an afternoon nap with Nell every single day and just kind of twiddling my thumbs until this baby arrives.

Sure, I could be (should be) cleaning the house and making more meals for the freezer, but somehow I keep finding myself sleeping, instead.

I keep trying to remind myself that it could be another two or three weeks before this babe arrives, and not to get my hopes up, but I'm not really listening to myself.  I'm hoping it'll be any day now.

Dear little one, 
Your Dad has been on April vacation from his school teaching job this week, so really, it would have been a pretty good time for you to come.  However, the week is rapidly coming to a close, and you're still snug inside, so you must have other plans of your own.   
Earlier this week a friend took me out to dinner, and I ordered a burrito with the restaurant's hottest habanero sauce to try to see if the rumors about spicy food inducing labor were true.  No such luck! 
Come out and see us soon, kiddo.  And when you do decide to make your appearance, try to be a little quicker about the whole ordeal than your big sister was, okay? 

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  1. What a beautiful 39-week photo! What a beautiful favorite second daughter! Each time the phone rings now and I see "Sarah" on the receiver, I wonder ... is this the call? Can't wait to meet that little munchkin!