Tuesday, April 29, 2014

40 weeks

Sunday marked this baby's due date, but she still seems comfy where she is for now.

Nell was a little unhappy that her little sister hasn't arrived yet...

...orrrrr it was just that time of afternoon when toddlers tend to fall apart and have meltdowns over every.little.thing.

Dear little one, 
I was talking to a friend on the phone last night about a strange phenomenon of late pregnancy: starting around 37 weeks, I felt certain that you could arrive any day!  But now, at 40 weeks, I'm pretty sure you'll never come and I'll be pregnant forever.  My friend totally agreed with this sentiment, so perhaps it is a somewhat universal experience.   
A couple of evenings ago, your Dad and I looked back at photos of Nell when she was a baby and reminisced about those early days of infancy.  I feel pretty lucky that we get to do it all again soon!  Well, maybe not ALL of it is peaches and cream, but the good parts sure make it worth it. 
Did you know that you have a cousin who shared your due date?  She has already arrived, so... anytime you're ready, kiddo!  You have a Mama and Daddy who can hardly wait to hold you, and a big sister who loves babies.  She has been to almost all my prenatal appointments with me and always loves hearing your heartbeat, pointing to my belly and saying, "Baaaabyyyy!" 
We still don't have a name for you, but please don't let that stop you from making an appearance whenever you're ready. 

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  1. Oh yes, I definitely agree with you about the any day now to pregnant forever transition - that's happened to me each time. (Well, not with Emma as she was induced two weeks early, but the other four!) I hope it is soon, and that all goes well!!! And I love the quilts you've been making. I can't remember if I commented on those posts or not. I think that is a beautiful and less intimidating way to create a quilt.