Tuesday, April 29, 2014

a quilt for the big sister

I posted before about my first attempt at a quilt -- a crib / toddler bed-sized quilt for the new baby girl.

Well, while the project had its share of difficulties, I enjoyed the process and decided to make a second quilt, this one for the big-sister-to-be!  I think it'll be nice to give Nell something new of her own when the baby arrives.  She is so great about sleeping in her own bed now (I should write about how we transitioned from a co-sleeping situation into her crib... it went weirdly, unexpectedly well overall) and is at an age where she loves her blankets and stuffed animals and baby doll.  I think she will really appreciate and enjoy having a new quilt of her own.

Not surprisingly, Nell's quilt came together more quickly and easily than the baby quilt, since it was my second time following the same tutorial and essentially sewing the same quilt.  The only thing I did differently with Nell's quilt was to use just one main fabric, rather than two different ones, along with the four more neutral print coordinating fabrics.

The fabrics I picked for Nell's quilt are a little less vibrant than the baby quilt fabrics, but I still find them cheery and sweet, and I really fell in love with the bird print fabric when I saw it at Jo-Ann's.

I can definitely imagine myself wanting to take on more quilting projects in the future... but I guess you'll have to ask me if I still think that in a couple of weeks when I have a newborn in my arms.

Two quilts completed and ready for two little girls... now we just need the second little girl to decide to make her appearance!

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  1. I have found a few occasions to sew the same quilt pattern twice and I learn much more with the second one! Your color values ( 1 main focus print, light, medium, dark, and bright fabrics) are spot on. The brown really anchors the whole idea. Good job. Now, get that "big sister" status going soon!!! Best wishes.