Friday, April 4, 2014

of walks and rocks

The weather is finally, finally, FINALLY beginning to warm up, and our walks are gradually going from looking like this:

To this...

To this!

{Only sweaters or light jackets needed!  At last!}

Earlier this week Nell noticed her shadow on one of our walks, a discovery that was met with much enthusiasm.  

{I was wearing a puffer vest ... yes, I may be pregnant, but I am not quite that thick and wide yet!}

That same day, Nell picked up a little stone and showed it to me, and I said, "That's a rock."

She looked up at me, said, "Baby!", and cradled the rock in the crook of her elbow.

I was mystified for a moment, and replied, "Are you pretending the rock is a baby?"

And then I realized what she was thinking:  Rock.  Rock a baby.  Rock a baby in your arms.

Ahh, the confusion of the English language strikes again!

I do love that little girl.

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