Saturday, March 29, 2014

35 weeks

Perpetually behind on this, but sincere nonetheless... from last Sunday:

Dear little one, 
This week your Dad and I had a little orientation meeting for the birth center for all clients with due dates in the next month.  It made it all feel very real that you'll be here in our arms soon!  I find this both exciting and scary.  Exciting because I can hardly wait to experience the sweetness of the newborn stage again, but scary because I have a lot of things to prepare and do between now and your arrival.  Do you think you could promise to stay put until after April 13, and preferably until after Easter, too?  Your Dad is going to be a little busy that week, being a church musician and all.  
If not, we'll still love you, but thank you for at least considering my request, kiddo. 

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