Tuesday, June 28, 2011

NOI, Day 26

I have to admit, I'm running low on energy and enthusiasm so far this week. It's good to know that at least I'm not the only one... I think everyone here is feeling it. Our conductor this week is great, but with a considerably more low-energy rehearsal style than last week's conductor. I thought I might fall asleep during this morning's rehearsal; it was just dragging by. I'm sitting third chair in the first violins for this concert, so I ought to be extremely motivated to practice my music. Maybe the motivation will come after a good night's sleep tonight!

Over lunch today, some of us developed a rating system for the three conductors we've had here. The categories included the usual: rehearsal technique, musicality, clarity of conducting, etc. However, we also added a "hotness" category (first place in that category went to our first conductor by unanimous vote), one for "accent" (German, American, and Italian to choose between) and, well, I contributed the category of "best or worst pants." You see, Conductor #1 wore extremely tight pants; you couldn't help but noticing the seams of his boxer briefs showing through. Conductor #2 wore pretty normal, middle-aged-man-jeans. And this week, conductor #3 has us all mystified by the utter absurdity of his pants, which billow out below his belt almost like a pair of swim trunks with air bubbles trapped inside. You'd have to see it to believe it.

{If you're wondering why those of us in the orchestra have been examining these men's pants so thoroughly, keep in mind that conductors stand on podiums, which put their pants right about at eye level for all of the musicians.}

My suitemate Rachel is leaving NOI tomorrow; she's having pain in her bow arm and can't play right now. Poor Rachel! We did a little farewell dinner with Brooke, Kristine, Rachel, and myself at a Thai place in nearby Silver Springs.

I think a tiny bit of each of us wishes we were headed home, too - Brooke to be with her husband, Kristine to see her boyfriend, and me, of course, to be with Nathan.

Yes indeed, it's the typical last-week-of-the-music-festival slump around here!

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