Sunday, June 26, 2011

NOI, Day 24

Ahh, Sunday, a day of rest. I slept until 10:00 or so - overslept and didn't go to church - and then went on a photo excursion around campus.

First I sought out the university's Memorial Chapel. Back in 1946, my grandmother, Marie Savage, was a student here at the University of Maryland. She was one of four students (you can read about it here) who approached the school's board of regents with an official letter, complete with 1,348 signatures of students, faculty, and staff, urging that a campus chapel be built.

The chapel was completed and dedicated in 1952.

It stands not far from the dorm I'm housed in for NOI.

It's beautiful...

And it's surrounded by gardens!

I also got some photos of the campus wildlife - namely, lots and lots of squirrels. There are two main varieties, with one subcategory. First, your typical cute grey squirrel:

Subcategory: grey squirrel with a tail in bad need of a conditioning treatment and some Rogaine.

Then, there are the black squirrels.

Not so cute. Looks sort of evil, doesn't he? And a bit like a giant rat.

After I wandered the campus {intrepid explorer and family-history-seeker that I am}, I met up with Esther around noon, and we took the Metro into D.C. to see the sights for a few hours.

We ate lunch next to a guy with the cutest puppy:

Saw some important stuff:

Went through several exhibits in the Museum of American History:

{Toscanini's batons}

{Julia Child's kitchen}

{needs no explanation}

And walked a lot.

{This is unavoidable in D.C.}

Then it was back to campus to practice Brahms and Stravinsky to prepare for tomorrow's rehearsals.

One week from today I'll be on my way home!

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