Monday, October 8, 2012

The One Thing

It's Monday... time for my weekly 'The One Thing' post!

I'm sticking with my resolution to accomplish one project or non-essential thing a day (i.e. laundry, dishes, my work, and changing diapers don't count).  This plan not only helps me keep getting little projects and errands done, but also prevents me from starting a dozen tasks a day and not completing any of them (anybody else have this problem?).

Each Monday I'll be doing a post summarizing one or more of the things I managed to accomplish in the previous week, just by sticking with my One Thing plan.

Since a number of you guys said you'd like to participate in a link-up for The One Thing, starting next Monday, you'll be able to participate and link to your own posts showing how Mark Twain and The One Thing are inspiring you to get all those little extra things done.

Last week, by tackling my One Thing a day, I managed to get out and get a new cream-colored tablecloth (I needed one big enough for our dining room table other than our white one, which felt too summery now that it's fall), get pumpkins for our front door steps, and set up an autumnal centerpiece on our dining room table as well as spruce up our mantel for the fall.

That's just some of what I got done last week... but it's brightening my day to see some seasonal decor around the house!


  1. What counts as a One Thing? I'm keen but might fail daily!

  2. Great series Sarah! I have a list making problem...perhaps too many things that need to be done. But, I like your idea of trying to get at least one thing done. Although, I might be tempted to count making dinner as my one thing ;-)