Friday, October 19, 2012

it's the little things

It's Friday!  Time for another 'it's the little things' post.

{not to be confused with The One Thing... apparently I like the word 'thing' here on this blog.}

'It's the little things' is just my way of remembering weekly the small things as well as the momentous ones; the little everyday things that make life good.

Want to participate by blogging about some of the little things that made your week good?  Use the link-up feature at the bottom of this post!

As I started thinking about writing this post, my first thought was, "Ugh, nothing good happened this week except for {number four}."  Isn't that terrible?  I call that a sure sign that I need to reflect a bit and realize that yes, this week was full of wonderful little things.

{In my defense, I was feeling sick yesterday, had to cancel students; I felt really stressed about the whole thing on top of feeling headache-y and feverish and generally crummy.  That has a way of making one feel that the week wasn't exactly filled with good things.  Feeling much better today, though!}


My tiny cinnamon broom from Trader Joe's... it smells so good!

{And little cinnamon-scented candles, too!}


While obviously, Nathan being sick over the past week wasn't a good thing, in a small way I actually enjoyed my little retreat to the guest room with Nell for a few days.  Lots of mama-baby snuggling occurred.  


I received two free diapers!  I understand that probably only a cloth diapering mother can understand my excitement about this.  They were the result of a gift certificate I won to the website Ethical Ocean a while ago, just by voting in a recipe contest.  {Probably the first thing I've ever won in my life.  I was so excited.}  I used the certificate for a variety of things, including two fitted Rearz diapers and a cover.  Nell is wearing one right now, in fact!


Brooke is in Boston for a few days!

{See this post for deets on Brooke; in short, she is my personality doppelganger, but sadly, she lives in Maryland and we hadn't seen each other in over a year.}

And she loves, I mean positively loves, Nell.

As any mother will tell you, having your friends love your baby is a major plus.

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