Saturday, October 27, 2012

it's the little things

I'm grateful for another week filled with good things!

{This post is a day later than usual, I know.}

number one

More good times with Brooke on her brief visit to Boston, including a concert in Symphony Hall.

Brooke's husband is in The President's Own, and Nathan and I went to hear them play -- our first time out together to hear a concert (and not just play in them for work) since Nell was born.

Naturally, we needed some photos while Brooke was here.  Nell slept through the photo-op, unfortunately, and missed Brooke's idea:

"Let's both gaze at her lovingly since we're sister-wives!"

The subsequent dissolving into laughter:

And finally a halfway decent photo, only after Nathan insisted, "Ladies, pull yourselves together":

number two


Am I allowed to get excited about diapers yet again?

{Public Service Announcement: If you are grossed out by people buying used cloth diapers, stop reading now!}

I found an amazing deal on Craigslist: 25 Fuzzibunz pocket diapers for $5 apiece... except that since I decided to buy the whole lot, the woman selling them ended up giving me all of them for $100, meaning only $4 per diaper.  Considering the diapers are in fantastic condition, and would have cost 4x that much new, I am really pleased with this bargain.

We already have quite a few diapers, of course, but of various kinds and in varying condition, and I had been wanting a few more to avoid laundry emergencies.  Also, with these extras I can give a few to a friend expecting a baby (she doesn't mind used diapers, either), and also, who knows... maybe someday we'll have two in diapers at once, and be very glad for extras!

number three

Nathan watched Nell last Sunday evening while I went into Boston to hear my former violin teacher give a recital.  Bach, more Bach, Ysaye, Chausson, and Ravel... it was all amazing!

I was really grateful that he not only offered but insisted on watching Nell all evening while I enjoyed the opportunity to hear some great music played by a great violinist.

And afterwards, there was frozen yogurt with friends, naturally.  What better way to end a good evening?

number four

My blue-eyed girl in a {thrifted or hand-me-down, I forget!} pretty blue shirt.

I don't think a day goes by that Nathan and I don't exclaim to one another, "Oh, look at her! Just look at her!"

We couldn't possibly love her more.

{Also, the drool on the shirt.  Gotta love that.}

number five

A student's mother brought us two enormous bags of clothing her youngest daughter has outgrown.  It's mostly sizes 2T and 3T, so it won't fit Nell for a long while yet, but we are so grateful to have these things for the future!

'It's the little things' is just my way of remembering weekly the small things as well as the momentous ones; the little everyday things that make life good.

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  1. Love this! Having clothes in bigger sizes is a really, really great thing for a thrifty Mama. This is the first year we've had to purchase N's entire wardrobe ourselves. Can't complain about four years of gifts and hand-me-downs... that's got to knock some of the price off the $100,000 or whatever they say the cost is of raising a child!

    And your Nell is sooo cute! Love that blue shirt!!