Thursday, October 25, 2012

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Tea light candles make our living room cozy on these autumn evenings.


I had some good thrifting successes on Tuesday: 22 items of clothing for my girl for $22.00!  A thrift store in Beverly has all children's clothes up to size 6 for just $1 apiece.  Considering you could easily pay $22 for one outfit at most children's clothing stores, I was feeling pretty good about my purchases.

I particularly like this little outfit:

And this sweet little shirt:


Our rhododendron in the front yard has always been a little off-kilter, at least since we moved into the house last summer.  It blooms in the fall and winter!  Last Christmas we couldn't help laughing as we looked out the window on Christmas Day and saw it in full bloom.  And here it is, nearly the end of October, and it's at it again!


Earlier this week, I was trying to nurse Nell in the living room, and she, a typical curious five-month-old, was getting distracted by anything and everything.  Nathan suggested, "You should go in our bedroom where it's quieter and darker.  In fact, the electricity isn't working in there at all, so it'll be perfect!"

I started laughing, he started laughing... we sat there and laughed for a full minute.  It was just the perfect, nonchalant reference to the way the unusual can become usual when you live in an old house, I guess.  He had misappropriated the fuse that goes to the bedroom electricity in order to get the garage door opener working earlier that day!


  1. Wow - $1 per item - that's amazing!

    It appears you and I have quite a bit in common. We both have Marie as our second name, we are both violinists, we both have daughters, we both love Jesus...I didn't grow up in NC, but lived there 5 years (grad school) and although I no longer live in New England, I also lived there 5 years (Vermont)!

  2. I love how tea lights make a room glimmer! So pretty!

    I love being able to laugh about the craziness of life! It sure beats getting all worked up over it! :)

  3. Great thrifting, pretty candles. And love the 'real' :)