Tuesday, October 9, 2012

a girl and her mama

Lately I have been noticing that Nell really looks to me for my reactions to things, as a means of determining what her own reaction should be.

Loud noise?  Lower lip goes out.  Look at Mom.  Mom smiles?  It must be okay.  Nell smiles!

New person comes up and says hello?  Eyes widen.  Look at Mom.  Mom says something positive?  If Mom approves, new person must be acceptable.  Nell smiles!

Mom is setting Nell in her little chair?  Fuss a little.  Mom smiles and says something in a happy voice? This chair must not be so bad, after all.  Nell smiles!

Don't worry, Nell.  I'll be happy to keep telling you how to feel and think about things until you turn thirty or so.

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