Thursday, February 17, 2011


I slept later than I ought to have, and liked it.

I skipped school orchestra because I wasn't feeling well and needed the rest.

I talked to my Mom on the phone as I drove to school.

I played Shostakovich with my string quartet.

I tangoed with my violin teacher.

I ate crunchy roasted chickpeas for lunch.

I worked on the Fuga from Bach's C Major solo sonata [rhythm, sound quality, left hand organization!] and the first movement of the Sibelius concerto [breathe, release, get those fifths in tune!] in my violin lesson.

I went to orchestral excerpts class.

I went to studio class and heard Paganini and Korngold.

I went out with my studio; our teacher bought us pizza for dinner and J.P. Licks for dessert!

We talked about relationships, and whether they should be difficult or simple.

I played Beethoven's Fifth Symphony and Menotti's The Old Maid and The Thief in a rehearsal.

I was home by 11:00 pm.

Now, time to practice Dvorak and Bartok and Kodaly.

It's not that I prefer practicing in the middle of the night.

It's just...

...When else would I do it?!

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