Friday, February 4, 2011

Musical Tension

Along with the Brahms Symphony on this weekend's concert, the orchestra is also doing a work for soprano and orchestra by a well-known Boston area composer. I've played a work by this local, living composer before, and found him to be a rather fascinating individual in my [limited] interactions with him. He has attended rehearsals for the upcoming concert to clarify any questions the musicians might have about the score as well as to offer his interpretive insight into the work.

At a recent rehearsal where the composer was not present, our conductor told us, "Yehudi (the composer) told me this movement should be filled with sexual tension." He grinned at us, shrugged his shoulders, and declared matter-of-factly, "I have no idea what that translates into, or how exactly to play with sexual tension."

One violinist suggested facetiously, "Use more vibrato?"

I love it that musicians can be both ethereal and oh-so matter-of-fact.

[And funny, too.]

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