Monday, January 28, 2008

Understanding the Bible

Yesterday in church the children's sermon was about Mary and Martha. As the sermonizer told the children how Jesus was pleased with Mary for resting at his feet, I whispered to Holly, "The moral of the story is, everyone should stop doing so much housework!" Holly replied, "Yeah, good point! 'I'm not going to clean up because Jesus would want me to sit and do nothing instead of working all the time like Martha.'" I added, "And if Mary had a TV, I bet she would have been watching a movie instead of doing housework, too."

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  1. The other day someone was telling me how meaningful a sermon they had heard about how they just needed to be like Mary instead of Martha and I began my little spiel about how everyone is always so hard on Martha... and then I felt bad because the lesson had really been an encouragment to the person. *sigh* I still think that Martha deserves more credit.