Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Nathan and I had a very happy Christmas in Pennsylvania with his family. We drove to Erie with a box of wrapped gifts, and returned home with different, unwrapped gifts. And in the in-between time we had a relaxing time. We did jigsaw puzzles, read books, played games, and watched movies.

After our very happy Christmas we had a very happy first anniversary as well. We went and browsed at bookstores all afternoon and treated ourselves to some bargain-priced books - the first anniversary is, after all, the 'paper' anniversary. After book-browsing and book-buying, Nathan took me to Olive Garden for dinner, where we ate altogether too many breadsticks and had a lovely time. We thought perhaps we should talk about our marriage and take stock of how things were going, and that conversation went something like this:

SarahMarie: So, what do you think of being married?
FavoriteBoy: It's pretty great.
SarahMarie: I think so too. Anything I could do to make you happier?
FavoriteBoy: Nope!

We're pretty happy, you see.

Incidentally, two friends and fellow Schola students (and daughters of the big Schola man himself!), Emily and Kate Callihan, were married in a double wedding on the 28th, our anniversary. So in addition to the fact that they are lovely and wonderful girls, I felt a particular affinity to that wedding. Best wishes to the brides, and congratulations to the grooms!

After our happy anniversary dinner, Nathan and I enjoyed the top tier of our wedding cake, which my mother-in-law had very kindly frozen and kept for us.

Or I should say, others enjoyed it and I enjoyed watching them enjoy it. I had about two bites, since generally I try to avoid refined sugars - when I'm being good. I wasn't always entirely good about this in the few days prior to and following Christmas, but now I'm back to being good again.

On Sunday FavoriteBoy and I played at Stevedad's church in Erie, and then friends of the FavoriteBoy family took us all out to lunch at a Japanese restaurant. We all had hibachi. It was the most exciting meal I've ever eaten! Our chef was tossing and flipping eggs in the air with a metal spatula and throwing and catching knives! And the food was delicious.

Sunday afternoon we started our long drive back to Massachusetts. Nathan said nonchalantly, "Since we're getting a late start, maybe we'll stop somewhere for the night and finish the drive tomorrow." Little did I know he had already made reservations at the Marriott in Syracuse, NY. We stayed in a Marriott after our Erie wedding celebration last January, and it was so nice - I loved it! I loved this one too. We even had chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne awaiting us. And a beautiful view from our room window:

We finished the trip to Massachusetts on the 31st and got back in time to spend New Year's Eve with our friends Gregg and Cara.

I have all kinds of New Year's resolutions, most of which involve getting healthier and getting FavoriteBoy (The Boy Who Will Not Touch A Vegetable) healthier. Here's to 2008.


  1. Hey, I know it's a year off, but I saw somewhere that the second anniversary is the "cotton" anniversary. Just thought I'd let you know!

    ~ h

  2. Thanks for the heads-up, Holly!

    And yes, Em, it's funny... Carolmom has everyday dishes like Grandma's, and her china is identical to Mom's! What are the chances of that?

  3. And the dishes were my mom's--- Nathan's grandma's.