Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sleep-Talking Again

Remember how I said FavoriteBoy sleep-talks? Here's one from last night:

I was pouring out my heart to him, telling him all about a young student I have in one of my group lessons who misbehaves dreadfully all the time. "I don't want to squelch this student's energy - I want him to be able to have fun in class! - but not at the expense of wasted lesson time for all the students in the group. How can I best be a good teacher with a disciplined classroom without becoming a drill sergeant the kids hate? All my other sessions of kids have a great time, but no one distracts from the task of learning the violin. This kid, on the other hand, is all over the place! In half a second he can get from his music stand to the other side of the classroom, where he's always getting into stuff he shouldn't be touching. And when I'm talking, he's constantly making the most dreadful sounds imaginable on his violin and he refuses to be quiet. I hate having to turn every lesson into a behavior lecture!"

After this lengthy diatribe FavoriteBoy responded very helpfully, "Tell him he can sell his artwork if he gives you half of the profit."


He paused, then continued, "Wait, I think I'm asleep. Your student isn't selling Native American artwork, is he? Okay, I'm asleep; bye now."

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