Sunday, September 4, 2005

Getting Into the Swing of Things

My computer has been away from me for some one-on-one time with FavoriteBoy... that is to say, it was being reformatted. This was rather necessary, due to the fact that generally when I would click to open a program, I'd have to expect a wait time fairly comparable in length to the sort one might experience at the DMV, or perhaps at the doctor's office. Okay, so I exaggerate... but only slightly. The humming, the waiting, the whirring, and then more waiting - it was all beginning to raise my blood pressure to unhealthy levels. So FavoriteBoy intervened, and my computer has now been reformatted. It is functioning beautifully and I feel much calmer. Reformatting really does wonders.

All of this brings me to the fact that boys often surprise and amaze me. Something about that Y chromosome just makes boys see something and say to themselves, "Oh look, behold: a Thing! Let me take it and contemplate it and take it apart into little bits and find out how every little part of it functions together to make the whole work properly!" I personally consider myself fairly computer literate for an average 22-year-old female. However, I would have no idea whatsoever as to how to approach the task of reformatting my computer. I have a few simple solutions up my sleeve for computers that run slowly - empty the temp files, empty the recycle bin, defrag the hard drive, and check the disk space. After that, my list of ideas is exhausted and I usually try the good ol' Ctrl + Alt + Delete, or maybe just a simple restart. So thank goodness for boys and their innate curiosity that helps them develop a way with Things. (It is worth mentioning that boys are great for lifting heavy boxes, moving heavy furniture, squishing nasty spiders, and being sensible, as well.)

Everything is really happening now at school - choir, classes, and supposedly practicing, too. My room and my roommate are both as delightful as I initially thought they would be, and FavoriteBoy's apartment is a great place for both homework and fun, too. As far as classes go, I am taking all the usual things - violin, orchestra, chamber music, and choir - as well as violin pedagogy, Latin, and "special studies," which is just like a ridiculous sort of senior seminar for music majors that doesn't really do anything to prepare us for the nasty reality that is lurking just nine months ahead of us, waiting to bite us in the bum.

So far, the musical things in my life have been rather stressful - let's start with the fact that my violin teacher ('s wife) has decided that I should go into New England Conservatory in Boston each week for my lessons, nevermind the fact that I go to Gordon, he is employed as a teacher at Gordon, and I am paying to study violin here at Gordon. Money and schedule not permitting this, I have left him a polite and anxious message explaining my predicament, and I am waiting to hear back about all of that.

I would just like to say that amidst the stress of violin, chamber music, and orchestra, I love choir very much and I am realizing that I will miss it when I am graduated. Choir reminds me how much I love music when violin things are too stressful for me to be feeling that love.

On a darker note, I did not practice very much this summer, and the result of this is that the Tchaikovsky is limping along pathetically, while the Vaughn-Williams... let's just say that my lark is not ascending; it is nose-diving instead.

Finally, it's very nice to be back on campus. I recall a quote from Winnie the Pooh, which goes something like this: "Friends are the very bestest of things... even more best than honey."

And in other (very important) news, I bought a car. My first one. With my very own money. It is a blue 2002 Saturn. Massachusetts is a ridiculously difficult state in which to purchase a car and go about the business of registration and insurance, but a very kind friend helped me out with an extensive ride just when I needed one. And now the car is sitting out in the Wood parking lot looking pretty, and I am happy to have it. I think I also have a job, which makes everything even better.

Goodnight my friends. Comment and say hello!

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