Sunday, September 11, 2005

It's September 11. I haven't forgotten.

I feel weighed down with so many things. This year my ever-present headaches seem worse, and I've frequently been feeling vaguely nauseous as well. Is this caused by stress, or does it just make me less capable of handling stress well when I'm already feeling poorly all the time? I don't really know what to do about these things.

It's hard to make big decisions. My future, my finances, and the possibility of grad school - these are just a few of the things on my mind.

It's sad when things are already decided and you don't really have options when you make decisions. It's a situation like this that has made it so that this November I cannot attend the wedding of Libby and Jon after all.

Even sadder than that very sad fact is this: This evening as I got into my car to go to a friend's birthday party in Ipswich, I found a small photograph tucked under my windshield wiper. The photo was a hospital newborn picture, and on the back was written in blue pen, "Have you seen me?" The name on the photo is Emma Anne Cargill. She was born on June 23. She is a beautiful baby. She is not even three months old and she is missing. Somewhere on the North Shore is an empty crib and a devastated family. I never do things like this on my blog, but if you are reading this and feel so inclined, would you please take a moment to pray for Emma Anne Cargill and her family? Somehow this picture with the handwriting on the back makes it all so personal... I feel heartbroken.

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