Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Home sweet... Gordon College.

My flight to D.C. was rather interesting. To my right sat BohoChick, and to her right was VodkaMan. VodkaMan ordered orange juice with two or three little vodka bottles, and proceeded to become what I can only assume was a little bit tipsy. Upon finding out that I was a musician, he proudly informed me in dramatic terms that he played seven instruments and had once upon a time been a great musician in one of the best college bands in the country. Drinking a bit more, he attempted to continue the conversation, at which point I gradually began to feign sleep during an opportune pause. Then he talked to BohoChick, telling her, "that's a purrrty dress you've got on..." It got rather awkward and I was grateful that my closed eyes averted any further attempts at engaging me in conversation. He said some hilarious things, all of which I jotted down after the flight for my own later amusement, but I seem to have lost the bit of paper I used. Oh well. My faithful blog readers will have to be deprived of that particular pleasure.

In D.C. I attended the wedding of my dear friend Story Gustafson. She is now happily wed to Josiah Jones, and I can honestly say that it was the most perfect wedding I have ever been to. Story wore a dress that had been her mother's and her grandmother's before her, and she looked stunning. The wedding was held in the historic Falls Church, and all of the liturgy was perfect and fitting. Finally, the music was absolutely amazing. Apparently, almost all the members of Story's extended family are very talented musicians. Her grandfather was the head of the music department at a university for quite a long time, her grandmother (incidentally, both of her grandparents were absolutely charming and a joy to talk with) is a soprano who still has a better voice than many younger sopranos, her aunts and uncles all play varieties of instruments, and all of her siblings and cousins play multiple instruments as well.

The wedding included a string quartet as well as a flute and piano duo providing the prelude music. Then, two cousins sang the Rutter "For the Beauty of the Earth" during the seating of the family. Story's processional was played quite well on the organ (the only music provided by a non-relative!), and then throughout the wedding there was more special music. Before the vows took place, a 26-person Family Choir sang a piece composed by Story's grandfather on the text Spirit of God, Descend on My Heart. It was so beautiful. I nearly cried. It had a violin descant line, too, played by Story's aunt. After the choir finished singing, the Priest, obviously very moved by the experience, talked about how long Falls Church has been in existence, and how long he has been there as priest, and then said that this was probably the first time such a thing had ever taken place in that building. Turning to Story, he said, "you are greatly honored by your family, aren't you," and she nodded joyfully. I liked that; honor is a concept that is much neglected in today's world, yet it is truly remarkable to have a family such as Story's and to be as honored by them all as she is.

After the vows took place, the Family Choir circled around the couple again and sang the Rutter "The Lord Bless You and Keep You." Again, it was beautiful. The recessional was jubilant (organ, of course - as it ought to be!), and we all headed out to the reception with our favors: little bundles of toll quarters! The reception was lovely, and also featured a great deal of fabulous music. The most memorable part, however, I simply must mention. Story's cousins formed a bottle choir and played Pachelbel's Canon. Apparently this is a longstanding family tradition! Yes, they all stood with bottles filled to varying degrees with water and played Pachelbel! It was funny and pretty at the same time. The whole wedding and reception was just such a wonderfully good time that I couldn't resist writing about it. And I got to see Janna! (I'd link to her blog, but it would be essentially pointless since she never posts! Ahem!)

Anyway, I'm back at Gordon now. Today (well, yesterday, I suppose) was the first day of classes, the first chapel of the year, and the first day of choir. I'm so excited for the year - I really don't feel "senioritis" or a desire to be done with school yet, even though this is my fifth year. And of course, it's nice to be back with FavoriteBoy - being on opposite coasts really wasn't an optimal situation for either of us. (He picked me up from the airport at almost midnight on the 13th, and when he brought me back to Gordon, I walked into my room to find that he had already carried all my boxes up from storage, made my bed for me, and set up my room! Can you believe it?!)

I'm living in a dorm this year, and the transition from apartment back to dorm has been surprisingly easy - I'm loving living in Chase, and Roommate and I are having fun (at least, I am!). In fact, the only reason I am up so absurdly late is because of fun late-night talks! Yay!

And now, bedtime.

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