Tuesday, November 12, 2013

making it blog official

I suppose I may as well offer an explanation for the total blog silence as of late.

We're having another baby!

This little one is expected around April 27, and we are really excited.  Nell will have a little sibling!   They'll be about two years apart.  I'm sixteen weeks along right now.

The downside to all of this is that my body doesn't seem to take to pregnancy too well.  I never wrote about my experience with hyperemesis gravidarum during my pregnancy with Nell; I guess once I finally made it through those first fourteen weeks (I was lucky in that it didn't continue throughout the entire pregnancy like it does for some!) I didn't want to write about, or even think about, those really awful weeks.

I've had hyperemesis again with this pregnancy, this time lasting up to sixteen weeks and including a necessary little trip to the hospital for IV fluids despite taking my medication.  Just in the past couple of days I have begun to experience a few moments where I didn't feel like I was about to vomit.  Amazing!  Pure bliss!  I'm really hoping that it isn't just a fluke, and that I'm really turning a corner with easier days ahead.

And as for the lack of blogging (or doing much of anything, really), what you're reading right now is the result of the first nap in 10+ weeks where I didn't also curl up and go to sleep with Nell.  The exhaustion has been mind-numbing, and combined with the fact that when I sleep I don't know how nauseous I feel, well, napping with Nell daily just seemed like a no-brainer.

I'll probably write about the hyperemesis this time around; at least that way when Nathan starts talking about having five or six kids I can look back at the facts and weigh the issues rationally, right?

Really, though -- we know it's going to be oh-so-very worth it all.