Thursday, March 3, 2005

Done with everything at last, which leaves me with one precious hour of sleep before I'll have to get up and get ready to leave on choir tour. Fortunately, I'll have the whole day to sleep on the bus or van.

I forgot to mention something funny that my teacher said to me at my lesson a week ago. "Sweetie, it's not that you're a dumb person, it's just that you approach music in a manner that is dumb." Ohh, that's all it is. I feel much better.

Anyway, today (erm, and by today I mean yesterday) my teacher's wife gave me a lesson, and it was really good. I'm feeling like things might be manageable after all... but only just barely.

Goodbye, my friends. I hope to return to lots of comments.

Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Well, it's spring break. In three and a half hours, I shall be departing this campus to go on choir tour. I'm excited. But I'm also tired. Mainly because I haven't finished packing yet, and I also haven't finished writing my bio (which is past due; sorry Cara!) for the May orchestra concert. I can't write my bio because I don't know what to write in it because I've never done anything noteworthy. Blah.

Apple and Violin

Michael Ingram gave me an apple while I was practicing, and then proceeded to take my picture:

Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Tonight was not so good. I am having a hard time, with music in particular. But I'm grateful for my best friend, and also for teachers who really care.