Friday, March 14, 2014

33 weeks

Aaaaand after several 'catch-up' posts, we're up to date at 33 weeks.  Less than two months to go!  And some of the hip and back pain I was really suffering from seems to be improving, thank goodness.  Maybe it's the chiropractic visits, the exercises I've been doing, or the sacroiliac belt I got, but whatever the reason for the improvement, I'll take it!  I'm very grateful to be in a bit less pain these days.

The big sister is concerned about attention being diverted away from herself, I think - she tried to turn my face towards hers as Nathan was taking the picture!

Dear little one, 
Just a week or two ago I felt like I couldn't breathe well, couldn't eat more than a few bites, and generally couldn't get much more uncomfortable.  Well, you must have scooted downwards or into another position since then, because I'm feeling a little more optimistic now that I can make it another seven weeks, give or take.  
I had a dream about you being born and here in my arms, and I woke up that much more excited about your arrival.  A new baby is just about the sweetest thing on this earth, I think. 

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