Friday, March 21, 2014


Like many toddlers her age, I'm sure, Nell's favorite word right now seems to be "no."

Fortunately for us, she rarely says it in anything other than the sweetest of voices.  Yes, really!

Conversations around here go like this:

"Nell, was that a good dinner?"
{happily}: "Noooo!"

"Nell, do you love Mama?"
{smiling}: "Noooo!"

"Are you alive?  Are you breathing?"


So, we've just learned to adapt our questions so that her anticipated answers act as a morale boost:

"Nell, have you ever had a better dinner than the one Mama just made?"

"Nell, do you love anyone as much as you love your Mom and Dad?"


But one of my favorite conversations to have with Nell is this one:

Each and every night when I tuck Nell into bed, I whisper to her, "I love you."

And she whispers back with a smile:


{Photos in this post were taken back in January.  Newer photos, and a post about Nell these days, coming soon!}


  1. Sarah... this so beautifully captures the spirit of the toddler "no" stage. And I love the way you guys rephrase the questions. Aunt Sharan

  2. What a beautiful smile! I'm so glad her "no" is accompanied by that smile!

  3. Our littlest is the same way. It is super cute (yet) when he says no, though we try to hide our smirks cause he will soon figure out what no means and then it will be a different story!