Sunday, February 9, 2014

28 weeks

From last week.  Because being up-to-date with these things is overrated, right?

A few appointments ago, after I had started feeling better and been able to stop taking Zofran for my hyperemesis, my midwife joyfully exclaimed, "You look so much better!  Your face is fuller!"  

I replied, "Yes, I noticed that too... but I wasn't quite as thrilled about it as you are."

A full face.  Just what every woman wants.

Readers, try to contain your jealousy.

Dear little one, 
You have started flip-flopping around SO MUCH more this past week!  You're a wiggle worm -- with a penchant for flailing against my bladder, it would seem.  I've read that if something unexpected happened now and you were born early, you'd have a 95% chance of survival!  It's nice to know we've made it this far with you still safe and sound.  I'm definitively into the third trimester now, and I'm so, so tired.  Sometimes by the time I've put your big sister to bed, I want to crawl right into bed myself... yes, by 8 pm!   
It's a strange sort of miracle how mothers can survive with sleep deprivation.  These days I feel a little grumpy when your sister wakes me in the middle of the night (shh, don't tell!), but I have a feeling that once I'm holding you in my arms, I'll be ready to do regular night wakings and night feedings all over again. Love is such a weird and wonderful thing. 

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