Sunday, February 2, 2014

27 weeks

From last week, at 27 weeks pregnant with this little lady:

And here's Nell riding the bump:

Dear little one,
Well, the nightly heartburn has arrived, just like I used to have with your big sister!  Not so much fun.  Frequent restroom trips, too, oh, and I've started seeing a chiropractor in hopes of alleviating the pain in my back and hips.  It's fun having your big sister here as an ever-present reminder of how very worth these minor inconveniences I know you'll be.  Speaking of your sister, she loves babies so much right now, and points out every baby we see -- whether in a book or magazine or in church or the grocery store -- with great delight.  She has also recently developed a real affinity for dolls, and is loving her "baba" (baby) doll I got her recently.  She carries her everywhere, pats her gently, and even sings to her.  Aside from the occasional drop on the head that poor doll suffers, I'd say Nell is pretty ready to be a big sister!

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