Wednesday, July 3, 2013

our summer CSA share: week two

Week two of our CSA share included kohlrabi (a new experience for me), salad greens, golden beets, pick-your-own strawberries, stir-fry greens, and more.

My favorite meal of the week was probably the farfalle with golden beets, beet greens, and pine nuts recipe I made.

I followed reviewers' advice and added a bit of lemon juice to the recipe; also, I roasted the beets and the onions in the oven rather than boiling the beets and sautéing the onions.  The result was delicious!  Nathan was a not a big fan, but Nell and I loved this dish and enjoyed the leftovers, too.

I enjoyed the stir-fry greens sautéed in a little sesame oil, with garlic and a bit of chili paste for heat.

Easy and quite tasty.

The strawberries needed no recipes or preparation -- Nell and I enjoyed the majority of them just as they were, fresh from the farm.

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