Thursday, June 7, 2012

three weeks

Tuesday marked three weeks of Nell.

{And I realized I didn't take any pictures with my camera for this week, just iPhone pictures... oops!}

So, iPhone and Instagram evidence of her accomplishments will have to suffice for this week.

She smiles:


She no longer hates bath time!

In fact, she slept through her last bath: 

She gazes at us steadily, and shows off her rather long tongue from time to time:

We had a mother-daughter shopping outing to two thrift stores, where I found her all sorts of cute clothes - some for just $1 apiece!

Between the great prices I found and a livingsocial deal to one thrift store, I got over a dozen little outfits for her (I'll have to count them, and maybe do a little baby fashion post featuring her new clothes), and all for $21.50!

 We think she is the cutest...

...and the most beautiful baby... the world!


  1. Ok, two things...

    Smiling at 3 weeks? That might be some kind of record!

    And what thrift stores did you go to? There's a great kids/baby resale shop in Beverly on Bridge Street called Just Kidding. A dollar an outfit is pretty good though!

  2. I agree. And the most accomplished, obviously. Sleeping through a bath seems amazing to me! She looks so sweet and relaxed.