Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I got to thinking recently that I want to make sure we have photos not only of Nell, but of her with me and with her dad.  It's easy for me to want to avoid the camera, but pregnancy pounds be damned, I want Nell to know her mom had fun spending time with her.

So on Sunday, before we even got out of bed, I snapped a couple of pics of the two of us being snuggly while Nell was still dozing.  What a cutie.

After church, the two of us headed off for a friend's baby shower, and Nathan snapped a couple of pictures in the front yard before we left.  We were fortunate to receive a bunch of very cute girls clothes from a friend, and here Nell is wearing one of her 'new-to-us' dresses.

And when we got home, I figured we'd end the day's photo festivities with some photobooth fun.

the dress edition:

and the pajama edition!

I sure have fun spending my days with this sweet girl.


  1. Great pictures! You look like a very happy (and beautiful) mom!

  2. Love the dress!! And the pajamas!! :) She is just precious. You must be kissing those cheeks quite a bit!!