Friday, June 1, 2012

two weeks

Tuesday marked two weeks of Nell!

Her accomplishments now include:

~ pushing off of people and things with her feet ~

~ straightening out her limbs more all the time ~

~ focusing better with her eyes ~

~ making little cooing noises! ~
{and also a little sound she makes that sounds like a dolphin "laughing"}

~ smiling at me sometimes when I kiss her ~

~ spending longer periods of time awake during the day ~

~ still sleeping for significant blocks of time at night, which we appreciate ~

~ has acquired baby acne ~
{she seems unfazed by this turn of events, but her mother is saddened by it}

~ often puts left arm up in the air in a fist pump of victory ~
{likes to keep her right hand tucked up under her chin}

likes: being held, eating, sleeping

dislikes: being set down, bathtime, having her diaper changed
{she's a modest girl}

the second week in review

In her Grandma's arms:

Tiny toes:

First nail-clipping
{I was terrified, but managed to do it without drawing blood or even eliciting cries}

Just chillin' with a balloon we were given:

Sleepy smiles:


With her Grandma (my Mom), who spent a week here helping us out:

In Grandma's arms again, and looking bewildered... can you blame her?  The world is a bewildering place when you're new to it.

Me holding my baby:


{She makes that face a lot and I think it's the cutest thing ever}

"Hey, my Mom made this little bird onesie for me!"

{Yep, there's that baby acne... poor girl.}

All dressed up for her first Sunday at church.
She was perfectly behaved.  In fact, she slept through the entire service.
{she gets that from me.}

She gets her great yawning ability from me, too:

{remember this post?}


  1. But let's give credit where credit is due - she gets that sleeping through church from her great grandfather! Grandpa used to be out cold within five minutes of the sermon's start! But at Nell's age, it's a great quality!

  2. She is a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful baby! And I'm not just saying that! Hope you are feeling well... I'm sure little Nell's awesome sleeping habits are helping with that!

  3. You're right! She looks just like you in the yawn one. But I"m really seeing Nathan in some. For sure!