Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Have you seen pinterest? Browsed photos? Become totally addicted?

Never heard of it?

It's like the virtual version of that bulletin board you have above your desk, where you pin pages you've torn from magazines with stylish outfits or gorgeous homes that inspire you. You pin them there and you say to yourself, "I will make myself look like this. I will make my home look like this. And then my life will be perfect."

Oh, maybe that's just me.

But anyway, pinterest is really fun. You can check out my pinterest page, and browse the various boards I've created. Like the one I titled shoes are for lovers, where I've got quite the collection going of his and hers feet and footwear. Like this one:

[I just like photos like that, I guess.]

If you create an account (free, of course), you can re-pin stuff other people have already pinned, or pin anything you come across on the vastness of the entire worldwide web. I know, crazy, right? My friends, this is the future.

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  1. What a great idea. Loved the DIY board!