Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nathan's Star-Spangled Banner

This past week marked the third year that Nathan played as the MA All-State chorus accompanist, and the second year that the chorus performed his own arrangement of the National Anthem under his direction. (You can hear last year's chorus doing the same arrangement in this post.)

Yesterday's performance is already up on YouTube, thanks to various proud parents of chorus kids, I suppose. Well, this proud wife is pleased to share a rather wobbly-in-picture but decent-in-sound-quality video with you so you can all admire my husband's brilliant musicianship.

Word on the street is the kids in the all-state chorus thought Nathan was awesome, and a certain notable conductor made mention of helping him get the arrangement published.

I'm so proud.


  1. I'm proud, too. Also, Nathan has an awesome wife!

  2. We're also on the list of proud folks! Nathan, that's really an incredible arrangement!