Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Good Morning

My Jillian Michaels workout DVD kicked my butt big-time this morning. And it was good.

But only after I had slept until 9:30. Which was the best.

Allegra recently introduced me to Emma Wallace, and I listened to her all morning.

While I listened to her latest album, I ate homemade granola. Recipe and pictures forthcoming. This is life-changing granola.

I caught up on the blogs I love to read. All good ones. [My top blog recommendations forthcoming. You know you're dying to know my inspiration sources.]

I made breakfast for my husband. Fried egg and asiago cheese sandwiches on toasted bagels.

I have big plans for my spring break this week: hang out with my best friend and favorite man in the world, cook and freeze things to get us through the rest of the semester, do some sewing and craft projects, take pictures with my camera, go for a run outside now that it's getting sunnier, catch up with friends, lounge around the house - you know how it is.

Then there are also the important things, like cleaning the house and catching up on laundry and writing my paper that's due on Friday and practicing my violin.

Wait, no - I think the first things I mentioned are more important, actually.


  1. I have been craving granola recently, so I'm waiting in eager anticipation for your life-changing granola recipe!

  2. Glad you like her! Eva asks to listen to "Eh-ma" every day now, so she's popular among the toddler set as well.