Monday, March 28, 2011


I came across the following in my blog post drafts, from last August. I'm not sure why I never got around to publishing this one; it's totally brilliant.

Sarah: I've run 16 miles in the past week.
Nathan: Do we have any bagels?
Sarah: Yes. Can I repeat the conversation we just had, though? I told you I ran 16 miles and you asked if we had any bagels.
Nathan: Oh, I meant to say "Babe, you're so impressive!" and then ask about the bagels.

Incidentally, it is now March and the weather is finally giving us a few promising spring-like days now and then: a glimmer or sunlight here, a chirping bird there. I realized this morning that I cannot wait for both the time and the agreeable weather to go for a run. It's been, shall we say, a while. I miss it.

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