Saturday, October 11, 2003

recitals and friendships

Leftover thoughts from this past week:

Last night was the freshman general recital here. Overall it was extremely exciting and encouraging. A lot of the new students here this year are excellent. Two of the vocalists, a euphonium player, an oboist, a trombone player and a few pianists in particular impressed me. One of the pianists played Beethoven's Variations on God Save the Queen and did a terrific job. A vocalist did O Mio Babbino Caro from Gianni Schicchi, which I love. Most people did very well, and I enjoyed the recital a great deal. Afterward I talked to Holland a bit, which was fun. She came to hear her two students play...I thought that was admirable.

Then, best of all, later last night Libby called me! Oh, my wonderful friend... I miss her so much! Sometimes I worry that she and I will grow gradually apart, since I've been far away ever since transferring from Biola, and we don't see each other often anymore. But after conversations like last night, I feel better. Of course, I miss her more than ever, but I love how we can laugh and talk like we saw each other yesterday. We just pick up right where we left off. Last night we reminisced about freshman year... the performance of Titanic we were in together, our friends, being freshmen, our jokes, etc. Weird that we're both juniors now... just two years ago we looked up to the juniors so much.

Aww, Libby, if you're reading this... I miss you! Remember "Baby Sourdough" and "Ghetto Beast"? Remember "Satan on ice-skates"? Remember how we were going to (I mean, we still ARE going to, of course!) become nuns and have a convent in a fire-house in San Francisco and adopt a dozen orphans and classically educate them all in Latin and Greek and literature and philosophy? Remember how we felt after our first context lecture? Remember reading the Odyssey aloud all night under the tree in Dr. Reynolds' yard? Remember eating Lucky Charms together, and how I'd always try to steal your marshmallows? Remember how I always forgot which lines were yours and which were mine in Titanic? Remember your huge billowy skirt at rehearsals that we all laughed about? Remember hours of torturous dance practice? Remember "shuffle-ball-change-and-jump"? Remember how I always messed up and sang "Let's be getting it on"? Remember how we knew from the first day we met at the freshman retreat that our souls were on the same chariot? Remember smoothies together sitting on the bench in the sun? Remember when you worked in the caf, and how I'd almost always go through your line to get food, no matter what you were serving? Remember how many times we watched Princess Diaries? Remember car rides with Emily and Gabe, and how we'd sing VeggieTales and Psalty songs and laugh a lot? Remember when I came and visited you at Biola last year, and we had our little "Christina Theodora" phase with Becca Frassett? Remember when you came to our house this past summer and we tied up Abbey while our parents were away?

Awww.... LIBBY!!!! So many memories!!! I'm glad you still have your toenails painted the purple-blue mood changing color we did together at the end of the summer! Mine are blue right now; what color are yours? And just so you know, eleven of the pictures on my wall here in my room have YOU in them - I just counted.

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