Saturday, April 5, 2008

Viola Jokes

Tomorrow I'm playing Beethoven's 9th Symphony with one of the orchestras I play in. I'm pretty excited; it's the first time I've played this symphony, and who wouldn't be excited about performing Beethoven's 9th? It may not be the most high-caliber performance of the 9th in history - a lot of the players in the orchestra are amateurs and volunteers - but it will be spirited and fun.

Today in our dress rehearsal after we finished the second movement, the conductor said, "Let's turn to the third movement." A violist said innocuously, "Aren't we going to play the second movement?" The conductor paused for a moment as he realized that the violist was quite serious. "We... just... did..." ventured the maestro, as the entire orchestra burst into laughter. Another violist sighed and proclaimed, "These kinds of things are why everyone makes viola jokes!"

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