Wednesday, April 9, 2008

NSPO Takes On The Ninth

I performed Beethoven's 9th Symphony over the weekend. What a blast! And Nathan deemed the performance more enjoyable than the time we heard the BSO do the 9th. I found this somewhat hard to believe, but he explained that he was raised to appreciate amateurs and volunteers making terrific efforts, and high school choruses having amazing opportunities, and those sorts of things.

The chorus was comprised of a semi-professional adult chorale combined with a high school choir. Some of the adults in the ensemble were, well, rather elderly. During our warm-up prior to the concert, the conductor spoke to the choir for a minute. As he praised the high schoolers for their hard work, he added, "Those of you in the P. M. Chorale have probably sung this work many times - some of you probably sang it under Beethoven himself!"

Funny. I love a funny conductor.

This evening I am going to have a violin lesson with said conductor, who is also an excellent violinist. It is the first violin lesson I've had in almost two years. I am excited and nervous.

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