Saturday, June 23, 2007

What's Been Cookin'

You know that bright menu idea I had a while ago? Well, I did indeed make pan-fried polenta with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce, roasted asparagus, and chicken Italian sausage. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the result until it was already partially enjoyed. Oh well. The results on this dish were 50-50: I loved it, Nathan liked the egg and sausage parts. I guess polenta isn't for everyone.

I also mentioned my first attempt at buffalo chicken tenders. Lookie lookie, here's a picture!

I've also catered to FavoriteBoy's finicky tastebuds with a few fine pizzas in the past few months:

My crock pot makes a tasty roast with only a little help from me...

I discovered the ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe at Desert Candy. The ground oats give these cookies a deliciously chewy texture, and if that's not enough to tempt you, I stirred in shaved bittersweet chocolate (the recipe calls for milk chocolate) along with the chocolate chips. All I can say is YUM - and I'm not generally a cookie-lover.

I tried David Lebovitz's Black-Bottom Cupcakes thanks to Deb at Smitten Kitchen. These were delicious. The bottom is a chocolate cupcake and the top is a tangy cheesecake filling with bittersweet chocolate pieces mixed in. The combination is amazing. These are grown-up cupcakes. These cupcakes could change your life.

I made some golden, crunchy granola - the perfect mate for a bowl of yogurt.

And finally, arguably my favorite thing I've made recently: Indian Chicken Curry. I used this recipe and could hardly have been more pleased with the results. I loved this curry so much that it occupied at least 50% of my waking thoughts over the next 48 hours as I anticipated eating the leftovers for two glorious lunches in a row.

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