Thursday, June 14, 2007

Airborne and Crêpes

Today is a nearly-perfect day. I say "nearly" because last night I began to feel a bit congested and, since I haven't had a cold in oh, about two weeks, I realized I was about due to get sick again because that's the way my body likes to work. So I ran for the Airborne. I love Airborne and I swear by it even though, as I said, I do tend to get sick every few weeks like clockwork. I still think Airborne is great, theoretically, for normal people with functioning immune systems, and also, who knows how sick I might get if I weren't taking the Airborne? But I digress. The point is, we were out of Airborne. And that was a testament to how much I love Airborne, I suppose, but it was also pretty inconvenient since I wanted it right then. I settled for a squirt of Zicam up each nostril (too much information, I know) and two echinacea capsules and headed for bed. Of course, this morning I woke up with congestion and a hint of a sore throat. But aside from that, today is a perfect day.

As I mentioned recently, nearly every Thursday since September I've been teaching in an after-school program in the public schools in G__. However, since we had our final concert last Thursday, today was a blissfully empty and free day. As a beautiful coincidence, FavoriteBoy's boss only needed him for a grand total of about 2 hours today, so happy! happy! we both had the day blissfully empty and free. I re-organized the pantry shelves, six kitchen cabinets, and three kitchen drawers. Then I indulged in a favorite pastime: browsing recipes on the internet. As I looked through some archived posts from The Amateur Gourmet, I noticed his post on crêpes. All this time I thought that putting lemon juice and powdered sugar on my crêpes was my own original idea, and now I learn that apparently everyone eats their crêpes that way. Oh well. I have been making crêpes for years because they are yummy and absolutely easy to make. I don't have a standby recipe for crêpes; whenever I want to make them I just look up a recipe online. I've found that most recipes are largely the same, give or take a quarter teaspoon or something or other.

I just had the sudden realization that this post is nothing but a couple of pointless rabbit trails. Nice, Sarah Marie. Posts like this one aren't exactly going to rocket you to the heights of blogging popularity or bring in dozens of comments! This post is essentially pointless. Nevertheless, here it is. Hope you enjoyed the rabbit trails.

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  1. Crepes are yummy, aren't they. :-) We recently did a meal with crepes for dinner and we had all sorts of great fillings. It was a lot of fun.