Sunday, June 10, 2007


Happy Birthday to, well, me! 24 years old. FavoriteBoy made it a fun and wonderful day. We attended church, went to our all-church picnic following, headed home for our usual Sunday afternoon nap, then went out - dinner at Outback Steakhouse and to the theater to watch Ocean's 13! (Which was a wonderful movie, by the way.)

Guess what FavoriteBoy gave me?

An iPod. :-) To make my workouts at the gym more enjoyable. And also just because he loves me. He gave me that a few days ago as an early birthday present/just because present. Today, he gave me kitchen gadgets and a new cookbook I'd been wanting and lots of birthday hugs.

I have a wonderful husband.

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  1. Happy birthday Sarah!!!!! I'm so glad it was a wonderful day :) You deserve it!