Monday, March 19, 2007


At the end of each day, FavoriteBoy peels his clothes off and tosses them on the floor inside-out.

Each time I do laundry, I turn all of his shirts right-side-out before putting them into the washing machine. By the time they come out of the dryer, they are inside-out once more.

I decided to out-smart my washer. Today, I left all of the T-shirts inside-out when I put them in the wash.

They came out of the dryer inside-out.

This is proof that the universe and the laundry gods are against me.


  1. You should tell him to wear his shirts inside-out. That way, when he takes them off, they'll be right-side-out.

    Clever, eh? ;)

  2. it's better for your laundry to do it inside out anyways - it's supposed to cause less wear and tear on them for some reason. I never quite got the logic of that, but every pair of jeans I have ever owned says to wash inside-out.

  3. Yeah, I wash jeans and shirts with prints on them inside-out, but I figure it doesn't matter for undershirts...