Thursday, March 29, 2007


FavoriteBoy: Where's my music for choir?
SarahMarie: On the bookshelf, in the stack with all the other music that is current rep for the people and ensembles you accompany.
FavoriteBoy: Oh. Cool.

FavoriteBoy: Have you seen my black pants?
SarahMarie: They're hanging up in the closet.
FavoriteBoy: Oh. Weird.

FavoriteBoy: I can't find my black sweater.
SarahMarie: It's in the drawer under the bed with all your other sweaters.
FavoriteBoy: Oh. Thanks.

FavoriteBoy: Have you seen my green and blue striped tie?
SarahMarie: I hung it on your tie rack.
FavoriteBoy: Oh. Imagine that.

FavoriteBoy: Where are my brown shoes?
SarahMarie: I put them in the closet on the shoe rack.
FavoriteBoy: Oh. Wow.

Some people have a hard time adjusting to organization.


  1. That sounds rather similar to our house! Gabe often asks "where are my shoes?" And of course I've always put them in the closet where they belong. At least, that's where I think they belong. He thinks they belong in the living room. :)

  2. I need a Sarah in my life. Where can I get me one of those?