Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Generous Marriage

I could talk for hours about the things I love about being married to FavoriteBoy, but one thing I don't love is the sharing... at least, not when it comes to sickness!

FavoriteBoy caught a cold last weekend, and by Thursday I had a cold, too. I hate hate hate colds. I'd rather have the stomach flu than have a cold. I hate the constant discomfort and pain of a really sore throat, and I can't stand being congested. It makes it nearly impossible for me to sleep at night.

When you have the flu, you can lounge around and puke all day and everyone feels sorry for you. But when you only have a cold, it's not really justifiable to stay in bed, or watch movies, or get behind on housework, or cancel lessons or symphony gigs.

SarahMarie: I'mb sick. I think I'mb dying. I feel awful. Mby head is heavy and aching and mby throat is so sore. Poor Mbe.
FavoriteBoy: Sarah, what you have is called the common cold.

Now that's sympathy for you! Especially considering he was the one who shared it with me in the first place!

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