Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Today I read something funny about motherhood and something funny about fatherhood.

The fatherhood article reminded me of my adorable nephew, Jonathan, who has definitely mastered the art of the projectile poop with excellent aim. (I witnessed this once during my visit and was astounded.)

Tony Woodlief, the author of the fatherhood article, also has his own blog. I found many of his posts funny, interesting, and delightful, but this one in particular, concerning slurpees (a topic of paramount importance when you have children), really caught my attention.

The motherhood article made me realize yet again that pregnancy is an odd thing. Odder still is the fact that women long for it and continue to gleefully (or not-so-gleefully, but with glee occuring shortly after the fact) bring children into the world with wonderful frequency.

I continue to think that Meghan Cox Gurdon is a delightful writer, and I would sort of like to be a mom like her someday. She's recently started homeschooling her four children, and as you can see if you read the article I mentioned, she has a fifth on the way. (Lately I've found lots of mothers I want to emulate in some ways. Or maybe I just notice mothers more than I used to.)

In other news, today I mailed nine letters, because I am just that great of a communicator.

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